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Signs Your Home Needs A Mold Inspection

Signs Your Home Needs A Mold Inspection Mold Inspection

When it comes to our homes, it is important for us to prioritize our spending when hiring out professional services. There are many things that we can do ourselves when it comes to home maintenance, but mold remediation is not one that is recommended. Removing mold seems like a simple task in theory, but sometimes […]

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Santa Rosa Valley ca fire damage restorationFire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Las Flores CA​

Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal Experts in Oxnard, California When faced with water damage, mold damage, fire damage, smoke damage, flood damage or other damage cleanup, 24/7 emergency help and property restoration services are available with Vortex Restoration in Oxnard, California, Ventura County, and Southern California. Contact Us Today Call 805-308-7309 Professional restoration experts […]

The 5 Best Tips To Prevent Mold Growth

The 5 Best Tips To Prevent Mold Growth Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Canoga Park CA​

Mold is a sneaky enemy that will enter your home without you even realizing it. The mold damage you can incur and the mold remediation that will be necessary can affect both your life and your wallet. Mold can cause health problems ranging from cold symptoms to headaches to cognitive problems. And if mold occurs, […]